Save money on your phone bill


Save money on your phone bill

New York State Lifeline Discounted Telephone Service is an assistance program offered by many telephone providers, including some wireless and cable companies, to help income-eligible consumers save money on their phone bills.

What is Lifeline?

Lifeline helps you stay connected and save money on your monthly telephone bill. The Lifeline discount can be applied to either home telephone service (landline or cable) or wireless service. The discount is available for only one line per household.

What are the benefits?

Lifeline discounts* on home telephone service can save consumers as much as $250 a year through lower basic local service charges and a waiver of the federal subscriber line charge.
Wireless customers can receive Lifeline benefits such as free minutes, reduced rates and free phones.

*Total savings and benefits will vary depending on your telephone service provider.

Key Provisions of the Program

Not all telephone and cable companies offer Lifeline. Click here for a list of participating companies or contact your provider directly.

Customers must be income-eligible to apply.

The Lifeline discount can be applied to either home telephone service or wireless service, but the discount is limited to one discount per household.

Consumers will be required to provide documentation to prove he or she is eligible to receive Lifeline.
What is Tribal Lands Lifeline and Link-Up?

Tribal Lands programs provide additional benefits for eligible low-income consumers living on tribal lands. As part of the Tribal Lands Lifeline program, consumers receive additional discounts on their monthly bills. Under the Link Up program, some carriers offer a one-time discount of up to $100 on the initial installation or activation of a wireline or wireless telephone for the primary residence. Tribal Lands Link Up also enables subscribers to pay the remaining amount that they owe on a deferred schedule, interest-free.

Any Restrictions?

Only ONE Lifeline discount is allowed per household. The discount can be applied to a landline or a wireless service, but not at the same time.

Your “household” is everyone who lives together at your address as one economic unit, (including people who are not related to you). Adults living with you are part of the economic unit if they contribute to and share in the income and expenses of the household.

Author: Harlem Valley News