State Police warn the public of a phone scam in Lower Hudson Valley


State Police warn the public of a phone scam in Lower Hudson Valley

The New York State Police are warning the public following reports of a kidnapping phone scam in the Lower Hudson Valley area. This scam is similar to the often used “Grandparent Scam”.

This particular scam involves unknown individuals calling or texting a cell phone and telling a family member that their loved one has been kidnapped and an amount of money ranging must be wired, or their loved one will be killed.

The State Police advocate that anyone who receives such a call should ask questions that an imposter would not be able to answer correctly, such as the date of their mother’s birthday, or the city they were born in. The family of the person who is allegedly seeking assistance should also be called to check on the legitimacy of the request. Any call should also be reported to officials immediately.

The most recent incident was in Middletown, New York. The caller stated to the victim their loved one was responsible for a car accident and medical expenses. They reported they were holding the loved one for ransom in order to pay for legal, medical and car repair expenses. The caller was convincing enough and had someone screaming in the background, and the victim wired $500. The unknown caller is reportedly using the cell phone number beginning with  (914) 656-XXXX.

Officials ask that if you have been the victim of a scam or attempted scam, report the incident to your local law enforcement or State Police barracks.


Author: Harlem Valley News