State Police investigate multi-vehicle accident on I-84 westbound

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State Police investigate multi-vehicle accident on I-84 westbound

Major Patrick Regan
Troop F Commander


On March 4, 2015, at approximately 7:14 am, New York State Police responded to a multiple vehicle accident, located on I-84 westbound between exits two and one at MPM 3.8 in the Town of Greenville.

An investigation at the scene revealed a total of 23 vehicles were involved in the incident, 10 commercial vehicles and 13 passenger vehicles.

The investigation also revealed the incident involved five separate accidents.

The intial crash involved six vehicles, three commercial and three passenger. The accident started when a commercial vehicle operator in the right lane applied his brakes and slid into the right guide rail causing a chain reaction of additional incidents, detailed below.

The second incident involved seven vehicles, five commercial and two passenger vehicles. This incident involved a NYSDOT plow truck which was actively salting the left lane of I-84 westbound.

The third incident involved three vehicles – all passenger vehicles.

The fourth involved four vehicles, two commercial and two passenger vehicles.

The fifth and fnal incident involved three cars, all passenger vehicles.

In total, 10 people suffered minor injuries and were taken to two local hospitals.

All of these incidents occurred in an inactive work zone with a reduced speed limit of 55 mph.

Author: Harlem Valley News