Dutchess Man Convicted for Road Rage Felony – Shot at Pawling resident on I-84


SOUTHEAST- A Dutchess County man who was arrested after shooting another driver’s car during a road-rage incident on Interstate 84 has been convicted, with a three year prison penalty expected at this sentencing.

Masey Moshref was arrested after shooting another driver’s car during a road-rage incident on Interstate 84 in which he shot at a Pawling resident.

Masey Moshref, 27, of Wappingers Falls was arrested July 30 after State Troopers received a call from a frightened motorist, who reported that a man in a green Honda Accord had been driving aggressively and brandished a handgun before shooting at the victim’s car and hitting the wheel rim. No one was injured.

The Honda initially sped off, but another motorist followed it, filming the fleeing car with a cell phone camera. State police stopped the car in East Fishkill. Moshref was identified as the shooter at the scene and arrested. Troopers found a Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistol hidden in a secret compartment under the Honda’s dashboard. They also discovered two spent shell casings as well as a quantity of psychedelic mushrooms. The victim told police Moshref became enraged when Moshref cut him off by pulling into the left lane suddenly, and the victim blew his car horn at him.

“We congratulate the New York State Police for their quick work in apprehending Mr. Moshref before the situation became more serious,” District Attorney Adam Levy said. He specifically commended Investigator Chaderick Greer and Investigator Peter Ciacci for their actions.

Moshref, who had no prior criminal record, plead guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. He is expected to be sentenced to three years in state prison followed by three years post- release supervision. The District Attorney’s Asset Forfeiture Unit is currently pursuing forfeiture of his green Honda.

Author: Harlem Valley News