Dutchess County Department of Human Resources Exam Announcement

Exam Title: Principal Program Assistant
State Exam Number: 67467
Exam Date: 5/2/2015
Last File Date: 3/25/2015

A civil service exam has been announced in a title you indicated interest in. If you are still interested, please follow these steps:

Read the minimum qualifications for the title carefully. Exceptions to the qualifications cannot be made. You may view a copy of the announcement online at www.dutchessny.govor at the Dutchess County Department of Human Resources.

If you believe you meet the minimum qualifications, you may submit an application online at www.dutchessny.gov, or submit a written application to the Dutchess County Department of Human Resources in person or by mail. Applications cannot be accepted past the announced deadline.

Pay the required processing fee by either a check made to the Commissioner of Finance or by credit / debit card if you submit your application online. This fee is to process your application and will not be refunded if you are disapproved for the exam. Applications without the fee by the announced deadline may be disapproved.

Please do not reply directly to this automated message. If you have any questions, please contact:

Dutchess County Department of Human Resources
County Office Building — 5th Floor
22 Market Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
(845) 486-2169

Author: Harlem Valley News