Clearwater to Fight Invasive Species

During Invasive Species Awareness Week

July 10 – 16


Anyone concerned about aquatic invasive species choking our waterways can join Hudson River Sloop Clearwater to help eradicate them. On July 9, Clearwater will be working with the Quassaic Creek Watershed Alliance and Preserve Algonquin Park to remove water chestnut from the mill ponds in Newburgh, NY. Citizens of all ages are invited to participate. Check in with to join the battle!

Clearwater is also offering free training to help citizens identify some of the Hudson Valley’s worst invasive aquatic species, including hydrilla, zebra mussels, water chestnut, curly-leaf pondweed, Brazilian elodea, and European frog-bit.  All are welcome at these events, to be held at Black Rock Park in Croton-on-Hudson on July 7, 16 and 30 and August 13. Or visit Clearwater’s table at the Beacon Farmers’ Market on July 10 to see live samples of highly invasive aquatic species. For more information, see

Clearwater’s efforts are part of Invasive Species Awareness week, when hundreds of volunteers armed with shovels, saws, and determination will fan out over parks, waterways, roadsides, wildlife preserves, and other natural areas to tackle unwanted species during New York’s third annual Invasive Species Awareness Week. All residents are encouraged to find a local event and join in the battle against these alarming threats to our ecological community.

New York State’s Invasive Species Awareness Week aims to help the public understand how invasive species are altering our ecosystem and what citizens can do to help contain them. Anyone wishing to help can:


– Learn to recognize invasive species and report new or expanded appearances to There are Apps that can help with identification, or attend local i.d. training events.

– Clean hiking boots, boats and trailers, off-road vehicles and other gear to stop invasives from spreading.

– Never dump aquariums or live bait into waterways.

– Never move firewood; instead, buy or gather it where it will be burned.                 

– Volunteer to help remove invasive species from natural areas.

– Contact local, state and national representatives to let them know you support invasive species control efforts.


Hudson River Sloop Clearwater is a member of the Lower Hudson PRISM (our local Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management), a group of concerned organizations and individuals who work together under the auspices of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to prevent or minimize the harm caused by invasive species. The eight PRISMs in New York State coordinate invasive species management, recruit and train citizen volunteers, provide education and outreach, establish early detection monitoring networks and implement direct eradication and control efforts. For more information, see