Gipson Blasts Albany for Failing on Ethics


Senator Serino joins Downstate Pols in Killing Anti-Corruption Reforms

In continuing the tradition of Albany dysfunction, the State Senate’s budget was passed in the dark of night, negotiated in secret, and approved by Senators who never had a chance to even read it.  Most insulting to taxpayers, even after corruption scandals sent the leadership of both the Assembly and Senate to jail for corruption, Sue Serino fell in line with her downstate leadership to protect the pensions of convicted felons Dean Skelos and Sheldon Silver.

“Serino promised voters she would change Albany, but it looks like Albany and Albany corruption won that fight pretty handily,” said Terry Gipson.  “Senators have been up all night, with no chance to read or review what they are voting on. The one thing we do know for sure is that convicted crooks Dean Skelos and Shelly Silver will sleep soundly knowing their pensions are protected by Serino and her Long Island bosses.”

Author: Harlem Valley News