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My journey to discovering barre classes took the usual routes through many forms of exercise. Having been rather athletic my whole life, coupled with having had a physically challenging career as a equine veterinarian and equestrian, I have had my share of injuries and subsequent musculoskeletal issues like anyone else.

With a career change that has afforded me sedentary work from a desk at home, I saw the weight creep on, my muscle tone dwindle away, and joint pain increase. I purchased a Nordictrack and began extensive hiking, yet saw little improvement. I next joined a local gym and for one year went virtually everyday, engaging tough workouts involving TRX, rowing, spinning, personal core training sessions and yoga. I saw some change in muscle tone but the weight clung on and I was visiting my chiropractor virtually every week. Equally as frustrating, I felt tired.

Upon the pleading of my chiropractor, I consented to just go with yoga for a period of time until my chronic injuries abated. So in the search for more yoga classes in my area, I discovered Wanessa. I signed up for a two month barre program, but within the second week, converted it to a full monthly membership where I could take advantage of her other amazing classes as well.

Not only did I see my body change immediately (and I am sure that my basic fitness level played a significant role), but the workouts were just plain fun… and powerful; I certainly felt the impact of the “little lifts!” But as importantly, I would feel energized the remainder of the day.

What is barre? Well, I encourage you to research this on your own, as there is certainly plenty of excellent material out there on the web. For myself, not only am I dropping weight, but I am developing long, lean muscling and my visits to the chiropractor have virtually ceased.

This studio is a gem, and so is Wanessa.


The barre classes at W.Rythym Studio are one of the best exercise classes I have taken.  They are unique and designed to effectively work every part of the body and include cardio and stretching.  As I reached my late 60’s, I became aware how much my strength and balance was fading and wanted classes that would improve them.  These barre classes significantly improved both my strength and balance in just two months.  I have stronger legs, much better arm and abdominal strength and better muscle tone. Wanessa is a great instructor who provides alternatives so that all levels and all ages can benefit from these classes, even old people like me.  And, she makes it fun!

Judith Warrick
Of course I think it is important to try and be as healthy as you can be.
However, I am not an exercise personRecently I joined “Wanessa’s Fitness” program in downtown Kent. I was intrigued by the unusual and edgy combination of classes — each very different and most not available elsewhere.
And I thought that, especially as I get (a little!) older, including regular and varied fitness in my day might be helpful and fun!
In little time and without even realizing it, I have developed strength and endurance that I didn’t even realize I was missing!  And it all seemed effortless and continues to be a great time with a caring, enthusiastic and talented instructor. Thank you Wanessa!
“Marvelous Martha”
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Author: Harlem Valley News