Dover School News Alert: Cleft Palate Support Group

Dear friends of smile supporters, March 1st, 2016

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our first community support group starting for children &

families of Cleft lip & Cleft Palate survivors. We are a team of humanitarians & professionals working in the

field of Craniofacial birth defects and have many years of experience dealing with the emotional strains this

provides to the individual and their family. Our goal is to create a sense of community amongst clefts patients

within The Hudson Valley.

I being a teacher in multiple buildings, have come across many young adults who have undergone

several surgeries and will continue to seek medical help in the future for restorative treatments. My husband

Dr.Shyam Sheth is a Craniofacial surgeon specializing with Cleft lip & palate and have transformed over

4,500 lives first hand. I have worked alongside him focusing on the educational and emotional component and

have decided to bring like minded professional and families together to build a chain of support for the families

and most importantly, our children here locally.

I have come across many talented children who are a symbol of perseverance and can be role models for

other individuals who shy away from their own smile. Wouldn’t you be proud to see your child be a

spokesperson for the cause which makes them specially unique?

Please join us in celebrating the beautiful restored smiles of The Hudson Valley Cleft Community.

Together we can make a change and spread awareness and strengthen the inner core of our children and adults.

Venue: Greystone House, The Locust Grove Estate, Poughkeepsie, NY

Date Saturday April 2nd,2016

Time : 1:00­3:00pm

Please email back to confirming your interest in this cause and receive information

on our initiatives and joining us at our first gathering.

Please help us invite other cleft families & smile supporters by sharing this email and below contact details.

Warm regards,

Sonal Patel­Sheth

Executive Chairperson of Medlife Foundation/ / /212.365.8433

“Smile is a simple, universal gesture and a right we all have to portray on ourselves, proudly.”­ SPS