Silver Tea and Christmas Sale to Benefit

Becky Knapp and Family


For nearly 100 years, the women of the South Amenia Presbyterian Church have held an annual Christmas sale.  Proceeds have always been used to support the mission of the church—feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, and ministering to the community.  Originally organized as an afternoon tea held in a member’s home, the sale has evolved into a community event held in the South Amenia Parish House.  Some elements remain, including an antique silver tea service and all the free cookies one wants to eat.  Unique gifts, craft items, one-of-a-kind decorated wreaths, and a wealth of baked goods have been joined by home-made soups and made-to-order sandwiches for a satisfying lunch.

This year, one of our own members is in need of support.  Becky Knapp has been struggling with liver disease for over a year, and has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer.  She faces many trips to Westchester Medical Center for treatment, and an uncertain future.  Even with insurance, medical costs can be overwhelming.  Therefore, all of the proceeds from this year’s sale will be given to Becky and her family to help them through this ordeal.

How can you help?

Come to the Christmas Sale on December 9, 2017, from 10:00 AM to 1 PM.

If you have something you wish to donate (no clothes, please), you may bring it to the South Amenia Parish House Thursday afternoon (12/7) or during the day on Friday (12/8).

Diana Pelkoski has set up a GoFundMe Page for Becky Knapp on Facebook.  All donations will be given to Becky.

Alternatively, donations may be sent to Cheryl Berfels, Treasurer, South Amenia Women of the Church, 229 South Amenia Road, Wassaic, NY 12592.  Just place “For Becky Knapp” in the memo line.

For years, Becky has helped other people in the community, and she is still working at the Senior Nutrition Center in South Amenia.  Now we have the opportunity to help her.