Statement from Dutchess County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro

Following Coast Guard’s Suspension of the Hudson River Anchorage Proposal

“Just over a year ago, we learned of the U.S. Coast Guard’s proposed Hudson River anchorages plan and Dutchess County raised our voice in alarm over a process that was moving far too quickly with little public information, input or outreach. We demanded a more transparent and public engagement process to ensure our treasured Hudson River, a designated heritage river, would not be negatively impacted.

After a remarkable 10,000 public comments, as well as leadership from federal, state and local officials, environmental advocates and our unified state delegation, the Coast Guard has listened and is no longer pursuing the new anchorage locations.

We are grateful to Congressmen Faso and Maloney, as well as our state delegation, for their leadership in advocating on behalf of all Dutchess County residents and the Hudson Valley.

As we look across the banks of the Hudson, we are grateful to the many people and voices that came together and again protected this iconic view and majestic river – one like no other in the world.”