Is opiate addiction devastating your family? Are you worried your kid will overdose?

Does your loved one suffer from chronic relapse? IF SO HELP IS HERE.

Meet Brian McEnroe, in recovery 8 years and Lisa Waknin, mom of an addict, whose child was saved by Brian. "I saw first-hand how this hard working Irish guy is the real deal. My kid relapsed 12 times going from rehab to rehab and then we met Brian aka Bird. His approach was different and it's because of him I am here today seeing my daughter sober and laugh again. It's the most precious gift I could ever have'" says Lisa.

NYC fashion exec Lisa was so grateful, she approached Brian to partner with her to fight addiction together. With his "Reality" model approach, they are giving addicts the chance they need to get sober and most importantly stay sober. "There is hope, but it has to be done the right way; we are teaching our clients to develop a true healthy living routine and get their lives back. No one does what we do," said Brian.

This unlikely pair is now setting themselves apart from the treatment industry with their program. Brian and Lisa attributes their high success rate to a never give up attitude. "If Brian gave up on my kid, like everyone else did, we would not be here today," said Lisa.

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